The Patient Experience With Varithena

Varithena goes where thermal can’t, to treat varicose veins caused by venous insufficiency of the great saphenous vein (GSV) system and other truncal veins.

The only FDA-approved microfoam comes pre-formulated to treat all vein shapes and a wide variety of sizes, above and below the knee. Clinically proven, Varithena produces reliable results—time after time.

One exceptional patient experience leads to another.

See the effect of getting back to your normal life, the same day. With a procedure time of less than one hour, almost no pain, and little to no downtime, Varithena treats efficiently and comfortably.

What Makes Varithena Different

Varithena is minimally invasive and doesn’t involve surgical vein stripping, removing the associated risks. You avoid general anesthesia, sedation and incisions. Varithena does not require multiple injections to numb the treatment site, unlike most thermal procedures, and doesn’t leave permanent foreign bodies behind after treatment. Click Here to learn more about Varithena...