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5 weeks post-EVLT, veins along my inner thigh have turned brown, and one spot is slightly red. Is this normal?

Question: It’s my 1st week in Vietnam and I’m here for an additional two-and-a-half weeks. My doctor closed up a vein in my groin area 5 weeks ago. I’ve just noticed on my thigh that the veins have turned brown and a small bit has changed to red (not much). I have been in the sun a little, and the entire area still feels quite bruised, but nothing too painful. I am also getting slight aches every now and then. Can’t see my doctor for another 3 weeks, unless I cancel my trip and head home.

Answer: The discoloration is normal. As the vein is absorbed by the body, the iron in the cells cause the brown staining, particularly with sun exposure and in individuals with a darker complexion. Aching and tenderness is also normal, and will continue intermittently until the vein is completely absorbed.

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