Question: I live in Tucson, Arizona and had VenaSeal done by a doctor here. Should I have pain and swelling after my VenaSeal procedure was carried out? It was purported to be painless compared to radiofrequency ablation (RFA).

Answer: VenaSeal is not a pain free recovery. The body goes through a healing process with any type of vein closure. Although there is less pain associated with not having thermal closure, the body still needs time to heal. Our practice recommends anti-inflammatories, ice, and frequent low impact exercise. Some patients find use of low grade compression stockings help as well.

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Jilanne is Phoenix Metros only Doctorate Nurse Practitioner that has been trained extensively by a Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeon, an Interventional Radiologist, and an Interventional Cardiologist. Dr. Rose is highly regarded by patients and physicians who seek her out because of her expertise in vein disease, her commitment to compassionate care, and her excellent success rates. As a peripheral vascular specialist that has performed well over 10,000 vascular interventions, Dr. Rose is dedicated to helping patients achieve a pain free, healthy and happy life.