Arizona Heat will Affect Varicose Veins

High Temperatures Will Irritate Varicose Veins

As hot as it gets in Arizona, we can’t blame the sun for our varicose veins or spider veins as it is not the cause. However, our hot Arizona summers do cause diseased leg veins to get worse, as do hot tubs, heating packs, and prolonged hot baths. Warmer temperatures cause your veins to enlarge as blood fills them, further causing vein distention because your body is trying to cool you down by bringing blood closer to the skin. If you already have diseased veins, your varicose veins will look larger and may hurt more.


Heat Affects Varicose Veins

Heat may not cause everyone’s varicose veins to get worse, but if it does, you can decrease the chance of exacerbating your symptoms by following these simple tips:

  • Move away from a heat source such as portable heater, fireplace, heating vents
  • Don’t use heat packs directly on or near your varicose veins
  • Avoid prolonged hot showers, especially during hot summer months
  • Avoid long exposure to hot tubs, Jacuzzis, or hot baths.

Remember it’s the heat that is affecting your varicose veins, not the sun.

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