Jilanne Rose Vein Specialist ArizonaIf you worry that getting a second opinion on your varicose vein treatment is rude or disrespectful—don’t! Any reputable health professional will tell you that consulting with more than one health specialist is a smart thing to do. Here are a few reasons why that is…



Ensuring a proper diagnosis will reduce anxiety levels.

A thorough examination by a qualified vein specialist, complete with duplex ultrasonograph, will help to assure you that the professionals you are dealing with have a thorough grasp of your personal physiological needs.


Sometimes varicose veins are just a cosmetic problem

(but sometimes they are not).

If you do suffer with the symptoms of varicose veins, it is very important to ensure that your vascular health is intact. Undiagnosed chronic venous insufficiency can seriously affect the quality of your life and health. But the truth is that wrong diagnoses do happen, by accident or otherwise. Seeking a second opinion will help to prevent this. And remember, when dealing with your veins, it is important to strike a balance between improving vascular function and preserving venous structure. Especially if the treatment options presented sound very invasive—or very extensive—seriously consider seeking a second opinion.


You want to make sure you know all your varicose vein treatment options.

Varicose vein treatments have come a long way since your grandmother (or even your mother!) had them done. Now there are a number of minimally invasive, minimally painful options available, such as sclerotherapy, thermal ablation and Veneseal. A qualified vein specialist can tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs, and it doesn’t have to involve general anaesthetic or long recovery times.


You want to talk to someone who specializes in varicose veins of the legs.

Advanced Vein Institute vein specialist Jilanne Rose only deals with superficial varicosities of the lower limb (and other lower region areas—including vulvar varicosities). And having successfully completed over 10,000 procedures, you know that she is uniquely qualified to thoroughly understand your varicose veins!


You want to feel comfortable with the person treating you.

And you can feel comfortable with Jilanne, a highly regarded and sought after vein specialist, known by her staff and patients for being “an extremely compassionate and genuine person who cares for each of her patients individually.”


Getting a second opinion is just a smart thing to do.

You are wise consumer. You test drive multiple cars before you buy. You compare the features of every appliance. You read ingredient lists, and consult consumer reports to ensure you have the right sport shoe. Of course you are going to get a second opinion when it comes to your vascular health. And at Advanced Vein Institute, initial consultations and examinations are free of charge. There is no reason not to call us for a second opinion. Take the time today to ensure that you are receiving the right varicose vein treatment from the right person!






About Jason Babcock, MBA CMPE

Jason is the Practice Administrator and CEO of Advanced Vein Institute of Arizona. Mr. Babcock brings over 25 years of healthcare administration experience to the organization with a strong background in finance, business development, operational improvement and customer service to AVIA.